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FixStream Authors AIOps For Dummies


FixStream, an AIOps Expo gold sponsor, has come out with a new book for people who want to learn about the important new product category calls AIOps. The book is called “AIOps For Dummies”.

This is part of the award-winning “For Dummies” series with which we’re all so familiar. The company calls the new book “a wonderful resource for anyone writing about AIOps or researching this hot space.”

FixStream adds that AIOps is a complicated topic, but the book is easy to read. It was designed to break through the complexity of this topic so readers can understand why AIOps is so important.

CTO Bishnu Nayak and CMO Enzo Signore authored the book, which was published by John Wiley & Sons Inc. And in it they note that AIOps, which stands for artificial intelligence for IT operations, represents the next generation of IT operations analytics. And it addresses the following IT challenges:

• digital business transformation

• exponential data growth

• the increasing complexity and dynamic nature of IT architectures, and

• siloed IT operations

“AIOps is a major shift from traditional ITOA platforms,” Nayak and Signore explain. “As the precursor to AIOps evolution, ITOA focuses on data collection and unification for historical data analysis across domains and resolves problems with observational data. AIOps leverages big data and machine learning techniques to deliver proactive and predictive insights into problems and recommends — and automates — remedial actions. AIOps helps businesses with pro- active planning and identification of business-impacting issues before they occur.”

FixStream’s founder and CEO Sameer Padhye will be giving the 11 a.m. keynote address at The New Intelligence Expo/AIOps Expo Jan. 30 in Fort Lauderdale. And Nayak will be on the Jan. 30 10 a.m. AIOps Expo panel titled “Transforming Security and IT to Stop Attacks in Their Tracks”.


Edited by Maurice Nagle

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