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The Importance of AIOps for Mission-Critical Workloads


Today’s next-generation networks are moving at the pace of innovation and development, and there is simply no room for latency and downtime when it comes to handling mission-critical workloads. The cloud, web-scale networking and an increased blend hybrid IT infrastructures further complicate an already complex and intricate process.

AIOps offers a flexible, automated, practical solution to many of the networking challenges associated with mission-critical workloads. An AIOps approach to infrastructure management makes use of AI and machine learning to holistically monitor, analyze and optimize IT infrastructure. A comprehensive AIOps solution will take into account a host of variables to maximize infrastructure performance, including capacity, efficiency and availability.

One of the key elements of any successful AIOps solution is the ability to streamline applications and services throughout their lifecycles. Offerings take a high-level view of mission-critical workloads from the end user into complex IT infrastructures and back out again. By analyzing all the moving parts of a workload simultaneously, AIOps is able to maximize efficiencies by automating certain processes, detecting issues and anomalies on the fly, and fine-tuning network resources as required.

These capabilities are critical to overall infrastructure and network health as systems are tasked with increasingly complex and cumbersome workloads. Organizations simply cannot afford to have a reactive approach to troubleshooting infrastructure issues in the age of hyperscale networking. AIOps enables predictive forecasting and automation, enabling companies to optimize their infrastructure performance and ultimately improve productivity and service levels.

To learn more about how AIOps is benefitting hybrid IT infrastructures to optimizing mission-critical workloads, TMC is hosting AIOps Expo in Fort Lauderdale, FL, from February 12-14, 2020. The event will offer a deep dive into how AI and machine learning are helping to ensure application performance, network performance and security, with a focus on AI for IT operations platforms.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

AIOps Contributor

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