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Hybrid Multi-Cloud Growth Drives ONUG's AIOps Framework


Public cloud is best way to address some IT needs.  For other, it’s private cloud.  The answer isn’t simple, and it’s not the same for all businesses, especially when considering the different cloud vendors from which to choose.  Each offers its unique benefits, so, every business needs to figure out its own perfect scenario, which increasingly leverages multiple cloud vendors – public and private – and even traditional on-premises infrastructure as well.

Each cloud model has its benefits.  Private cloud providers may be enticing for businesses that need greater control over their infrastructure, for instance, to ensure compliance with security mandates and regulatory requirements.  Private cloud, on the other hand, offers a more appealing cost model, increased agility, and easier scalability.  But, businesses need both, which is why hybrid is the approach of the future.

“Multicloud is no longer a matter of ‘if’ — it’s a matter of ‘when,’” according to Santhosh Rao, Gartner Senior Director Analyst . “Multicloud computing lowers the risk of cloud provider lock-in, and can provide service resiliency and migration opportunities, in addition to the core cloud benefits of agility, scalability and elasticity.”

Here’s the thing about multi-cloud – it adds complexity to IT environments, which adds to the demands placed on IT teams tasked with managing them.   Because enterprises are dependent upon networks and cloud infrastructures they don’t own, managing and troubleshooting to ensure application performance and delivery becomes much more complicated.

Because IT teams are under tremendous pressure to ensure service, application, network, and system performance, they are faced with a near-impossible task of sorting through massive volumes of data generated by network and application monitoring resources to optimize delivery at all times.

That’s where AI comes in.  The only way to efficiently accomplish these objectives is to leverage AI and machine learning to sift through and analyze network data and automate many of the optimization tasks.

“The ideal solution will provide access to the right set of state data based on each application’s dependency map and use machine learning and AI techniques to automatically perform the necessary correlations to determine what is happening,” said Chris Drumgoole, ONUG Board Member and CIO of GE. 

The growth of hybrid multi-cloud usage and demand for greater operational agility is why ONUG (the Open Networking User Group) has developed an AIOps data virtualization framework to help IT teams achieve their goal of application availability, performance, and security across their hybrid infrastructures. 

“The ONUG AIOps initiative addresses one of the most vexing challenges in IT operations:  How to diagnose root cause when data is spread across separate data silos in different locations  and inside a myriad of vendor products,” said David Mariani, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of AtScale.

AIOps allows enterprises to truly create the best infrastructure solutions for their needs – including alleviating any fear of vendor lock-in due to IT complexity with multi-vendor solutions.  Application performance, multi-cloud, and other factors driving momentum of AIOps solutions will be discussed at AIOps Expo 2020, February 12-14, in Ft. Lauderdale.  Following last year’s revelation that AIOps was still very much a concept in the clouds, so to speak, this year’s agenda – part of the TechSuperShow, along with other events, including SD-WAN Expo, ITEXPO, and IoT Evolution Expo – will take a look at where the market has come in one short year and how enterprises can truly leverage AI to solve their IT challenges.

Edited by Erik Linask

AIOps Contributor

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